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Màay is the first high street apparel and lifestyle brand in the world,
 to create 100%  hand embroidered craft forms of Kashmir
with contemporary global aesthetics.
We say this with a lot of pride,not bragging, it took us a lot of hurdles,strikes and endless design refinements to serve you with the best fusion we could create of the old and new.

Our hand embroiderers and craftpersons were only familiar with traditional outdated motifs and works and it took us a lot of  time,research,errors,practice and a lot of effort  to train these artisans to experiment with new contemporary designs and patterns to make every product one of its kind and relevant across all age groups.

We work with skilled artisans using using authentic hand embroidery technique, each piece taking a minimum of 4-5 days to complete. Subtle variations in embroidery designs are part for the Handwork process and that is what makes each piece unique and special.

Our products are designed with real care and attention to details. We focus on form, fit, and finish, and design pieces that can be worn on the streets of Mumbai to streets of Paris,New York, alike effortlessly.Our apparels translate heirloom crafts from small villages in Kashmir into ethical fashion. Every collection and thread has a story to tell and we design and blend elements from our heritage with simple silhouettes and embroidery patterns completely conceptualized and drawn by hand.

Design Process:

We design collections to bring to you unique products with a strong emphasis on hand embroideries. Designed in delhi and handcrafted all the way in Kashmir by artisans skilled in traditional hand embroidery techniques from Kashmir. Each collection is conceptualized and inspired by our love for art, nature and architecture and brings you a fresh new story of an old craft.

100% Handcrafted & Hand-illustrated






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