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Màay is born out of a desire
to reinterpret & reinvent  traditional Kashmiri hand embroideries and crafts  with contemporary designs.
In the process,giving a new lease of life to crafts of Kashmir.

100% handcrafted

100% Revival 

100% Love

'màay' means 'love'
in Kashmiri,the local language of Kashmir 
and that is what we stand for 
love for what is old & love for what is new
Our aim is to make Kashmir again be Known for its
crafts and picturesque landscapes,across
all generations globally while making the lives
of people who made it happy locally.

Incepted in 2016 and launched in 2018, ‘Màay  is a ethical apparel and lifestyle company in India which was founded with a vision

to empower regional Kashmiri artisans and revive the traditional age old hand embroideries and craft technique of Kashmir to contemporary outfits, home furnishings and accessories and give a new lease of life to a craft form on the verge of extinction.




In the era where machines are replacing humans, kashida/aari and tilla embroidery is being replaced with machine embroidery. Kashmir, a land which once was known as 'heaven  on Earth' now is often in news for the conflicts, chaos,terror and strikes.

With Tourism dropping because of regular curfews and strikes and  lack of access to outside world,the artisans and craftsperson in Kashmir are struggling to survive, keep their skills alive and pass on the rich cultural heritage to their next generation. In this fast paced world,there are no takers for their handcrafting skills which take anywhere upto 4-5 days for a single creation to get made.








We practice ethical fashion that honours the hands that are skilled and work labouriously to create the handcrafted goodness delivered with love from Kashmir.


In this process of reinvigorating Kashmiri craft, we create something that is heartfelt, unique and tells a story of its makers and creates an expression of hope and love globally.

Living arts are an essential part of the social fabric of our communities, just like planting seeds,reaping the fruits of our labour and preserving our food.

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