Cheers to your Feminism!

This is not a big thing, but it is a weird thing: Every day, millions of people are walking around with these little reminders of gender inequality emblazoned on their chests. There are different theories as to why the discrepancy exists in the first place, but all of them come down to this: The Button Differential is a relic of an old tradition that we have ported, rather unthinkingly, into the contemporary world.

Why has this tradition carried into the modern era, when women can dress themselves?

There's no real reason the buttons couldn't be switched, it's just that not many designers have bothered to change a tradition that few people notice or complain about in the first place.

Of course, there's no real reason why fashion companies need to continue having shirt buttons on opposite sides today — it's just something they do.

Màay has specially designed a classic concealed button down raglan sleeves shirt with button placket on the right side as that in a men's shirt, breaking down the old traditional concept which had no logical real reason.

The ultimate casual addition to your wardrobe, this 100% cotton linen blend shirt features raglan sleeves. A classic concealed button placket-front style gets an eye-catching update, with bold contrast silver buttons and a round band collar. The perfect lightweight piece to wear with boyfriend or skinny jeans. Layer our fun and flirty full sleeve, white floral hand-aari embroidered raglan with a patriotic striped pencil skirt along with your favorite jewelry pieces and shoes.

And there’s no better way to celebrate the feminism than by declaring your feminist values on your wardrobe for everyone to see.

Come, join us in the celebration of this beautiful construction of Màay. Cheers to your feminism with our hand-aari embroidered full sleeves shirt.

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