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Love for Courtyards!

One of the most beautiful traditions of India, which has now almost disappeared in every part of India is the Chabutra, a manifestation of the rich synthesis of multi-lateral architecture. However, the idea is undoubtedly linked to the pure love spirituality which preaches non-violence and humanity.

Originally chabutras were meant to be the destination of message carrying pigeons in the royal households. Chabutras serve as an important element of urban design. They are a tower-like structure with octagonal or pentagonal shaped enclosures at the top. At the base of the structure a sitting platform is usually made. The base and the surrounding area of this structure serves as a gathering place for the community and as a playing area for children. They served to enhance the utilization of space judiciously and aesthetically.

Having being encroached upon or plastered with bill boards and loudspeakers, many of these beautiful chabutras are kicking the bucket - a sad testimony to the horrific changes that are taking place in the urban environment, in total disregard to traditional relics. The chabutras were once symbols of man's concern for weak and helpless life forms but, today there is no one to show such concerns. But still, in the midst of the hustle and bustle of old cities, they stand tall and majestically silently in their stoic grace and elegance.

The departed are being remembered, the birds still come. The symbolism of the average Indian’s concern for dependent creatures still exists. We are the only country in the world where an entire tradition of living with birds has been maintained over so many generations. Taking the inspiration of Chabutra, a symbol of love, unity, grace, elegance, architectural design, We present before you our Courtyard collection featuring this tower like structure supported by a pillar.

The collection which has crossed Kashmir valleys, traveled a 1000 miles, after being embroidered in courtyard and floral motif through hand-aari embroidery. The collection has got super-traditional value as it is inspired by 'the now extinct traditional structures, called CHABUTRA, which were known for their emotional values. Shop from our Collection below:


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