Why we do, what we do - A story of reinvigoration and revival

Let us start first by asking you a question. What do you think about when someone says ‘Kashmir’?

Answers like Beautiful, Heaven, Dal lake & Unfortunately, words like dispute & dangerous, terrorism are associated with a beautiful place.

Now let us ask you another question.

What comes to your mind when I say ‘Kashmiri embroidery & craft’?

We are sure images of embroidered shawls, stoles, Pashmina woolen, Pherans must have come in your mind and now think, When do you wear them once you own such a piece?

Answer would be may be once or twice in winter or at home, but not proudly donning the streets with such exotic handcrafted (If hand embroidered at all).

As per the facts, 80% of the livelihood in Kashmir depend upon Handicrafts & Tourism yet Artisans in the valley are suffering because demand for hand embroidery has significantly dropped over the years, so much so that the heritage crafts of Kashmir are slowly dying & being taken over by machines which take an hour to make compared to days taken for handcrafted and being sold in the market and cheating the people by saying its hand-embroidered.

maay - artisans at work

Màay was born out of this desire to save the old age art form and provide livelihoods & fair-trade to artisans in the valley. We noticed the gap that why the craft is dying & pledged to reinvent the craft in a way so that every age-group likes to flaunt & wear it. The more its relevant to modern times, the more does it help us to reinvigorate.

We welcome you in the journey of reinventing the craft.